A good chinese restaurant

By | April 13, 2010

My grandfather once told me ‘you can always tell if a Chinese restaurant is good by the number of Chinese people eating in it’. Using that logic, all Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong are good??? I think not.

After visiting a Buddhist monastery with over 10,000 different statues of Buddha that is 460 steps above street level, we find ourselves in what looks to be a half decent restaurant.

As we sit, eating our dim sum, I believe I have found the trick to eating rice with chopsticks. Use your soup spoon! As I look around, I notice no one else is struggling to pick up their rice grain by grain with a pair of MSG covered chopsticks. I notice we are the only table actually having a conversation, the rest of the people are busy shoving their faces full using mainly their spoons. So the next time you see me dive right into a bowl and food and not come up for air until it is done, I am not being rude, I am sharing my authentice Chinese dinning etiquette with you.