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It's close.

4 and a half till I leave. The days are long, time is standing still. There is not enough hours in a day to get everything done, life is full if stress. I can’t wait to hop on that plane and leave it all behind. I will miss my family and my friends, but I […]

35 hours and counting

Holy, time is going fast. The sun is out, my bags are packed. Passport, check! Camera, check! Foreign currency, check! I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight, but I could care less. Such a beautiful day in Vancouver. 8 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I almost don’t want to leave, except […]

I sit, I think, I wait

Sitting here in the airport, lugage checked, security cleared, waiting to board. My excitement has dwindled, and I haven’t even left. I am now a visible minority, and I’m still in Canada. I can’t listen to anyones conversations, I can’t even read the newspaper over their shoulder. I am happy and sad at the same […]

International Flying 101

Ah the journey begins. It amuses me to report that I haven’t even left the airplane and I am writting my first little snippet for you all to read. As I write this, it is 735am (pst). While some of you may already be awake, I still haven’t gone to sleep. Now I’m sure some […]

One piece

Arrived at the hong kong airport in one piece. Put our trekking lugage in storage, we’re now ‘backpacking’ it for the next 3 days. Longest line at the airport was immigration, took about 30minutes to get through. I have no idea if the clerk actually spoke English. He took our passports, gave us our stamps(my […]

Gagne, party of 2

Wow… What an adventure. So this is round 2 of this post. I just spent an hour writting one of the best articles I have ever written, to have an error occur during the saving process which ended up in it being lost. Let’s try this again. We leave the hongkong airport around 10am and […]

A good chinese restaurant

My grandfather once told me ‘you can always tell if a Chinese restaurant is good by the number of Chinese people eating in it’. Using that logic, all Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong are good??? I think not. After visiting a Buddhist monastery with over 10,000 different statues of Buddha that is 460 steps above […]

High Tea

Turns out it’s rather difficult to a ‘pub’ in Hong Kong. You can get a beer at pretty much any restaurant, but when you’re wearing shorts, sandles, and a tshirt with sweat stains due to the humidity, you’re pretty much just looking for a place to sit down for a cold one. Although I have […]

It's still alive…

Today was our last day in China. We decided to spend most if our day touring the city of Hong Kong itself. We spent a large majority of our time here in the city of Kowloon, just across the water from HK (which is actually an Island). We were both awake by 630am local time, […]

Dragon Air Flight KA128

We board the 6:05pm flight from HK to Kathmandu on Dragon Air. It’s been a long day. We the two of us stretch out over 4 seats and start bantering with one another. We talk about the day we’ve just had, and the many more to come. He orders a glass of red wine, I […]