Dragon Air Flight KA128

By | April 14, 2010

We board the 6:05pm flight from HK to Kathmandu on Dragon Air. It’s been a long day. We the two of us stretch out over 4 seats and start bantering with one another. We talk about the day we’ve just had, and the many more to come.

He orders a glass of red wine, I order an ale. Ginger ale that is ;)

As we read our books with the occasional comment back and forth, the plane is rather silent so I’m fairly certain the few rows infront and behind us can hear our jokes.

The stewardess reappears asking ‘can I get you another glass of red wine’, he replies ‘sure, you have quite the memory’. She says ‘haha, you have an empty red wine glass in your tray, I was using that as a clue’. The cabin fills with laughter (the 2 of us are quite loud, no one else made a sound). My father says ‘that was quite the detective work’, she smiles and walks off.

I lean over and say ‘she’s Dragon Airs Nancy Drew’, dad replies ‘you mean Nancy Chu?’ We both almost piss ourselves. I’m not sure if it’s because we share the same sense of humour, we’ve had a long day, or it was actually funny. We’ll go with ‘D’, all of the above.

It’s 6:47am PST as I write this. We’re in the air. I have no idea what timezone we’ll be in when we land, not like it matters.

Chapter 1, The Hong Kong Journey, of the adventure is now complete now into Chapter 2, Big Hills and Altitude Pills.

Let’s hope the old man can keep up… He’s looking a little tuckered out.

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