Category: Europe – 2013

It’s quite and I’m cold

It’s quite and I’m cold, the rain is picking up and the anticipation has created an electrifying feeling in the air. The stadium is packed, as is the club house. The multi-national crowed is excited, and they all wait patiently. It starts, quietly. I don’t recognize it, but I know what it is. The chilling […]

20th annual Ales Hrebesky memorial tournament

Striped shirt, check. Black pants, check. Whistle, check. Amazing setting for an international box lacrosse tournament, Czech. Ok, so this is hard. Blogging while in such an amazing place, but here it is, short and suite. I got off the airplane on Wednesday, straight to the venue for the tournament, and was on the floor […]

I amsterdam

And the journey begins. The minute I stepped out of customs I could feel the European atmosphere, and by that I mean cigarette smoke. The airport isn’t that special, but as soon as your our you get a real taste of what this place is all about. Entrances to 5 different train stops all funnel […]

KLM Flight 682

As a first time Royal Dutch Airlines, I really didn’t know what to expect. Although not a frequent international traveller, I have made a few treks outside of North America and I know what good service is all about. Although being greeted while boarding the aircraft by a flight attendant, that was the last bit […]