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Nepal 2010

As seen on tv

I was on the 6:05pm flight out of Hong Kong. With a stop over in Bangladesh(sp?), it took us almost 6 hours. We arrive in Kathmandu at 10:15pm local time. The Airbus 200 passenger plane from China Air we showed up in towers over the airport. It’s a small, 1 floor, 1 room building, with… Read More »

My brain is like a herd of buffalo

Sitting here in a local tavern in sunny Kathmandu a group locals pounds out the hits of the 70s and 80s as our live entertainment, my father begins the science lesson of the day. It goes a little something like this… My brain is like a herd of buffalo, let me explain. A herd of… Read More »

A picture is worth…

It is over cast today, the start of it atleast. Awake early for a 9am meeting about our trek, afterwards we met with ‘Akay’ and ‘B’, our Nepali tour guides, to discuss our day trip. We were going to Durbar Square, an ancient kingdom and city centre of Kathmandu then to a Money Temple. As… Read More »

When in Bhaktapur

We started off our day early. Bus was leaving a little before 8 so we could beat the heaviest part of rush hour. Today we were heading to Bhaktapur, the home city of our tour guides AK and B. Interesting ride. 13km took us a little over half an hour in a bus that spewed… Read More »

Kathmandu to Lukla

Up at 4, packed the bags, loaded the van and headed to the airport. This is the cleanest and showered we’ll be for the next 14 days as there are no showers in the Kumbu. As I write this, we are in the air in a twin otter 20 passenger plane much like the ones… Read More »

Next stop, the Kumbu

28minutes into the flight the engines slow down and our bellys are in our chest. We have begun our decent to the Lukla airport. I’m in the front passenger seat, camera at the ready. We can see the run way, or what they use as a run way. It’s 500 yards, max. With my video… Read More »

Up down, jig jag, sherpa flat

Up early, coffee by coach, a great breakfast was cooked by our hosts and we were off on our first real day of trekking. Leaving Ghat(8,500ft), we passed through Phatding(8,560ft) stopping for tea. We hiked into the town of Bengkar(8,890ft) for lunch at the Waterfall Restaurant. After a much needed hour break, we proceeded to… Read More »

The best Yak I've ever had

We began our day in Kyangjuma(11,320ft) with our longest day if trekking ahead of us. We would gain 2000 more verticle feet and walk more kilometers then in our previous days, it would take us all day to do it as well. We left shortly after 8am and arrived at our destination around 2pm. We… Read More »

14,000+ and no internet!

Well…. hard to believe, i know. But at 14,000ft and above there is very little internet. I won’t be able to upload the posts i’ve written from my phone. I will keep writting them, so when we get back to Namche in 6-8days I will upload them all. There is some seriously good ones. We’re… Read More »

Drowning at 14,000ft above sea level

We left Pangbouche(12,890ft) for a day of steady climbs. The groups morale was good, everyone is in good spirits and we’ve had no illnesses. By the time we reached Shomare(13,350ft) we have been staring at Mt Everest(29,028ft), Lhotse(27,890ft), and Peak38 (24,900ft) for half an hour. It looks close enough I can almost touch it. The… Read More »