14,000+ and no internet!

By | April 24, 2010

Well…. hard to believe, i know. But at 14,000ft and above there is very little internet. I won’t be able to upload the posts i’ve written from my phone. I will keep writting them, so when we get back to Namche in 6-8days I will upload them all. There is some seriously good ones. We’re currently in Pherache, 14,035ft above sea level. Solar/Wind powered, at nighttime everything operates on batteries, no hot water unless you pay for it. yay!!!

Today is a rest day, thank god. Tomorrow we begin our attack on basecamp. We will spend a day moving up the valley and into a better position. the day following (i have no sense of what day it is) we will move up the mountain. in the evening we will make a attempt to basecamp if the weather is clear. if that is successful we will do Kala Pattar (1,200ft higher then basecamp) the following morning. Kala Pattar is my main goal at this point. It has a better view of Mt Everest, and I will be able to take a picture from above of basecamp.

I will write the good, indepth blogs from my phone and update them when we get back to wifi.

Everyone is well. Stay tunes…