Political unrest

By | May 1, 2010

Day 13, the trek is over. As much fun as it was, I’m glad to be out of the mountains.

The walk from Ghat to Lukla started at 5am. The weather is sketchy, so we have to get there early to make sure we have tickets for todays flights. No online booking or check-in here. First come first serve.

We arrive in Lukla a little after 7am in a thick, dense fog which a horn could barely pearce, let alone a pilots vision.

After board the 2nd plane of the 2nd wave of flights to Kathmandu, we begin the travels to the Kathmandu Guest House Park Villa suites. What a nice place.

Wifi, a pool, ice we can allow in our drinks, it’s a pleasent change of scenery. The ride to this venue, not so much.

Today, Saturday, is a day of civil protest for Nepal as a country. Hundreds of thousands of people have descended into the city of Kathmandu to protest against the current government. The plan was to avoid all such events during the drive from the airport to the guest houses. Haha, nice try.

It’s taken over every major artery of the cities vehicular routes. We are stuck, smack dab, in the middle of a civil protest in the capital of a third world country. Oh goodie. Thankfuly the protester are peaceful, at this time, and more than willing to allow a bus full of Canadians to pass directly through the centre of them without issue.

The streets are packed with individuals holding red flags of the CCCP. Ambulances, sirens blaring, can not even get through the thick crowed. It’s a very unique experience.

We arrive at the guest house. A Malibou directly in the middle of a Compton. An oasis in a desert of dust and bricks.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. I love it. Thanks Coach, you really know what hits the spot after a 14day trek in the Kumbu.

Tomorrow we fly to the Chitwan (another wikipedia for you!), probably not much internet there. Check back in a few days.

Write soon…