A slight change of plans…

By | May 2, 2010

We sit and we wait. Waitting to find out what today will hold for us.

The country of Nepal is in a state of unrest. All of the countries roads are closed, we can get ourselves to the airport in Kathmandu, but when we arrive at the airport near the Chitwan we will have no way to get there.

Coach White holds a meeting at 915am to discuss the plans. ‘We’re staying here for the day’ he says. Tension grows. Will this civil strike be over by tomorrow? If it is, can we still get to the Chitwan? If we do get there, can we get back to Kathmandu in time to catch our flights for the rest of our trip?

Coach tells us he has been trapped in Nepal for 12 days once before, due to a work strike. He suggests getting out of Nepal as soon as possible, it would be easier to spend layover time in any other country than this one, at this time.

We call our travel agent, within an hour she has our flights changed to tonight. We leave Nepal at 11pm. Woohoo! Now… How to get to the airport. Heh.

Since the roads are closed we can’t catch a cab, rent a van, or get on a bus. The guest houses shuttle must sit on their property, unable to travel on the roads. It would be the same as crossing a picket line.

Our plans are currently ‘in the works’. We’re trying to hire porters, individuals who will carry our bags to the airport for us (can’t get this service in Canada), and walk the 7km to the airport by foot ourselves.

As I’ve said before… this isn’t a vacation, it’s an adventure. I’ll update you as soon as I knoww what’s going on, and get some Internet access.