Adventures of Keith and Keith

As the adventures of Keith and Keith continue, there is far less downtime for me to write these things.

We left Nepal in a hurry. Thankfully our wonderful travel agent, Robin, was able to change all of our flights to accomedate the change of plans. From Kathmandu to Hong Kong, HK to Bangkok… We left Nepal at 11pm and arrived in Thailand a little after 9am. Hot and humid, I was sweating instantly.

Airport shuttle to the skytrain(yes, they call it skytrain), skytrain to central pier, shuttle boat to the hotel. The check-in went a lot better than in HK, yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir.

We enter our suite on the 4th floor facing the river. As we enter the suite we are met with a chilling blast of airconditioning. 2 queen sized beds, a stocked mini bar, a full bathroom and balcony with 2 lounge chairs, and a pool in the court yard… we’re not in the Khumbu anymore Toto.

We relax by the pool and take a dip before preparing ourselves to check out some night life. After a few ours on the town we end up sleeping for 11hours. The mildly chilled dark room, without the need for a 6+ hour hike is a nice change of pace.

The following days are fairly uneventful. We toured a few temples (saw the Emerald Bhudda, the Reclining Bhudda), visited the Wat Arun, and got a real Thai message (no, no happy ending). Went on a canal tour, saw a snake farm, and visited a few night markets (gucci, prada, ‘copy watch sir?’, everything you think they might try and sell, they were selling).

We booked our flight to Krabi and this is where things take a turn for the better. Bangkok and HongKong are dirty cities. Hustlers, garbage, smells that foul the nose. Fun to visit once, but I don’t think I’ll be back for more than a day or two if at all.

My father and I are notorious planners. Confirmations, timeline, and schedules, all part of our regular routine. When we arrived in Krabi, however, we had none of this. We had no ride, no hotel, pretty much nothing. 2 backpacks, and a bag of clothes… This should be interesting i think to myself.

Our destination, Railay (there are multiple ways people spell it) beach. A secluded beach front town only accessible by boat (cool eh?). How and when we get there, we will just have to wing it.