The missing bag

Nepal, day… Shit, I can’t remember anymore. It’s April 12th. Today we left Pheriche(4270mt) for Lobuche(4925mt). The walk took 6 hours, and was mostly up hill.

We’ve all been asked to reduce our luggage from a bag each, to a bag per pair. As we sorted the bags this morning to be loaded onto the animals everything seemed fine, but something obviously went wrong.

We got to Lobuche at around 2 and started to check into our rooms. Everyone grabbed their bags, except there wasn’t enough to go around. Some how, some way, someones bag was missed.

2pm now, day light ends at 545, that math doesn’t work. Kami, our Sherpa guide, and Pasang Nuru, the owner/driver of our pack animals, offer to go retrieve the bag.

At Sherpa pace, the boys took off in a flash and headed back into the valley we had just come from. Sherpa pace is double, sometimes triple that of the average westerner.

3hours 31minutes later they appear on the horizon, bag in hand. Like the true unsung heroes of the Himalayan trekking community, they were happy to assist their clients in any way they take. These boys are so amazing, I do not have the time or the energy to fully describe how wonderful they really are.

Tomorrow we leave for basecamp. The next 2 days should be very difficult, but extremely rewarding. Next update when I find Internet.