Quick update – Chitwan

Quick little update for those of you following along.

We’re back from the trek/adventure part of the trip, and we’re now on the vacation/relaxation part, woohoo!

We arrived back in Kathmandu to be taken to a gorgeous resort known as the Park Villa. A pool (one of only 3 in the city), western style amenities, clean sheets, and a hot shower… We feel like royalty.

Today we’re heading to Chitwan National Park and Game Reserve. The plan is to ride Elephants, see Tigers and Rhinos, and swim with Crocodiles ( ;) ) over the next 3days.

We’re unsure if they have Internet, but if they do we’ll throw up a post or two.

I still have 2 or 3 articles to write about our trip. I’ll try and get to those asap.

Talk soon.