The missing bag

Nepal, day… Shit, I can’t remember anymore. It’s April 12th. Today we left Pheriche(4270mt) for Lobuche(4925mt). The walk took 6 hours, and was mostly up hill. We’ve all been asked to reduce our luggage from a bag each, to a bag per pair. As we sorted the bags this morning to be loaded onto the… Read More »

I am higher than you!

Sitting here in Pheriche, at 4270meters, I don’t care where you are in Canada or the lower 48, I am higher then you. We are higher then any mountain, or set of peaks, in the rockies. The air is thin, we are working with an atmospheric pressure nearly half of what is the norm in… Read More »

Up to date…

Well well well, another posting. Thank god! I bet you were worried, heh. Chelsea and I tried to do a video post from the top of Namche Bazar, but I have been unable to find a WiFi connection in the last 3 days to upload it. We’ve moved from Namche to Kyangjuma (mistake in an… Read More »

Better late then never!

Whoops… sorry about the delay in blogs, this trekking business has been taking a lot out of me. I am not exactly sure where I left off, so I’ll fill you in from our visit to Bhakatpur. Bhaktapur is an ancient kingdom located about 40minutes away from Kathmandu. We toured the entire city in about… Read More »

What to do in Kathmandu?

Same same but different they say in south east Asia, and ain’t that the truth. Not much has changed in the year since I’ve been here in the city of brotherly love (men hold each others hands in Nepal, with no sexual connotation what so ever). Singing bowls, guided treks, North Fake (aka knock-off North… Read More »

Attention all passengers…

We’re now boarding flight AC007 to Hong Kong, woop woop! Thank god. I’m anxious today. Didn’t have breakfast, didn’t need to, probably couldn’t eat anyway. I don’t feel ill, but my stomach knows what’s going on. The first leg of this race is 13hours, and that is less than appealing. The next 21days are going… Read More »

T’was the night before…

We’re close… It’s actually 13hours and 50minutes until take off, but who’s counting ; ) Here’s a taste of the nonsense we’ll be putting up over the next month.  

The countdown

The countdown o Nepal has begun. 13 days, holy! Crunch time has started, let’s get cracking. We have our shots, we’ve taken our meds. Passports are on the desk, medications are in our bags. We have our boots, they’ve been broken in. There is no much left to get except a few odds and ends.… Read More »

The Tenzing-Hillary Airport

In 2010 I ventured to the same part of the world we are heading to this year. After researching where we would be going, and how we would be getting there, I came across some pretty scary videos on the internet about the Tenzing-Hillary Airport. The runway is 460meters (1500ft), and is located on the… Read More »

The adventures of Arenal

The long, narrow, winding road to Arenal turned to a steep, gravel road with more pot holes then anything else. The 7km ‘driveway’ in a tour van with 5 guys and loaded full of gear is not the most enjoyable ride. We showed up after dark, and were unable to see the volcano we came… Read More »